Meet Jean

Back in college, Jean started creating content and managing social media pages for events and organizations that she’s part of. She really enjoyed coming up with designs and branding for their publicity efforts that eventually led her to head the publicity team of various events.

After she graduated college with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering under her belt, she worked as a software engineer for 3 years.

At some point, she felt dissatisfied with the work but not really sure what she wanted to do with her life (quarter-life crisis, basically). She’s a planner, she wanted to quit her job but don’t want to do it without knowing where to go next. 

She gave herself a deadline, 6 months, in which time she did side-hustles as a social media manager and learned as much as she can about organic social media marketing by taking courses, trainings and doing an internship with a social media agency. After her 6 months was up, she finally took the leap and became a full-time social media strategist.

Since then she’ve helped create organic social media presence for entrepreneurs and businesses. She’s currently doing social media management and campaign management for various clients around the globe. 


Our Work

We make sure to create and curate a feed that matches your brand.


We love feed aesthetics but we also believe in seeing results in numbers. Our social media management packages comes with a monthly analytics report to show you your account’s progress based on the goals and metrics that we set.

You can see how we’ve not only increase our client’s following but their engagement as well. Their audience interact more with the new engaging posts and our constant engagement strategy.

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We make sure to monitor your post insights to improve your reach and engagement.

You can see how our hashtag strategy has improved our client’s posts’ impression. Move the slider to see the results.